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Conservation framing gives a high level of protection for your artwork and treasures, whilst looking good and enabling you to view your framed work to best effect.

Artworks and objects that are to be preserved for future generations and collectables should be framed to a Conservation Level, if not to Museum Level.

Original artworks deserve Conservation or Museum framing.

Limited edition prints of moderate to high value that are not framed to a Conservation or Museum standard may not hold or increase their value over time, compared to limited edition prints that are framed to a Conservation level.

By using conservation quality materials such as archival mount boards, backing boards and UV glass, this teamed with the best framing techniques will give your artwork protection from: UV rays, physical damage, airborne pollutants and acids generated by many lesser framing materials.

Conservation framing, as well as Museum framing, requires that all framing processes affecting the artwork can be fully reversed, assuming that the artwork is not unstable.