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Welcome. Please scroll down for opening hours.

Normal Opening Hours:

9.00 am to 5.00 pm   Tuesday to Friday

9.00 am to 4.00 pm   Saturday

Monday is our production day.  We are closed to the public.

Closed Sunday and Public Holidays.

Level 2 – Yes we are open.  Look forward to seeing you.

To comply with Level 2 and to protect others we need your help.  Please:

  • provide your contact details upon entering the shop;
  • observe distancing of 1 m;
  • do not enter the shop if you are feeling unwell.

To comply with Level 2  and to protect others we will be:

  • observing 1 m distancing;
  • providing sanitiser for use in the shop;
  • cleaning the desk surface after each consultation;
  • cleaning the eftpos machine after each transaction;
  • staying at home if we are feeling unwell.

Appointments are available outside the above times

Location: 12 Parata Street


Telephone: (04) 902-5524

Email: pictureperfect@windowslive.com